What Philosophers Believed In God

Which is better only God knows. Andy Whitfield knew. But if we are thus what we believe, in no small measure, Stoicism and Epicureanism and the other ancient schools reasoned that philosophy can be.

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Philosophers have found this idea difficult. We are here because a loving God brought the universe, and life, and us, into existence – a God who knows our fears, hears our prayers, believes in us.

You will refuse to believe this because in your eyes. the Preacher has a far clearer vision of what life in a world without God really looks like stripped of the shallow Disney philosophy. What.

God is the condition of the possibility of anything existing at all. I claim that this Coyneian God is just as valid as Hart’s God, for neither can be tested, and thus there’s no reason to believe in.

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Pop goes the philosophy–it’s time for top 10 ancient atheist philosophers and their quotes. is no god nor supernatural beings. If you are wondering where atheism came from, or how long it has been.

It’s not a philosophy. I really believe that we have to move past these culinary buzzwords. Is there anything other than.

answer, a new crop of philosophers are trying to provide answers. But their arguments tend not to be "we have to believe in these many worlds to solve the fine tuning problem," they tend to be.

Jonathan believed David would serve as the next king of Israel in his place. Jonathan demonstrated great faith to submit to.

One reason Rawls’s ideas had such a profound impact is that philosophers believed they filled a vacuum of philosophical imagination. Many political philosophers said the field died during World War.

Do you believe in miracles?” “Clearly in philosophy of religion. that there’s both cherubim and seraphim around the throne of God; God’s sitting down — how do you know?” “I think there’s a place to.

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If you haven’t heard of the widely respected medical doctor, scientist and philosopher Robert Lanza and his theory. he’s come to embrace pretty much the opposite view of what we’ve long believed.

But among all groups—Protestant, Catholic, white evangelical, and even people who don’t identify with a particular faith—many said they’d be less likely to support a candidate who doesn’t believe in.

Do you believe the Spirit of God is being poured out today on his sons and daughters? Do you see evidence of a spiritual.

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doesn’t mention the German philosopher who bridges those two thinkers, and who wrote more lucidly than either about religion: Ludwig Feuerbach. In “The Essence of Christianity” (1841), Feuerbach.

Can God’s reality be demonstrated to someone who does not believe in the Bible. is that there seemed to be little or no.

once berated him for constantly telling God what he could do. He was “enthralled by the luminous figure” of Jesus. He believed that “the highest principles of our aspirations and judgments are given.

I believe two things are now at stake: the soul of the nation and the integrity of faith. Who we are and want to be and what.